Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, Japan, 2018

Amnion: a thin membrane forming a fluid filled sac, which provides protection for the developing embryo.

Landfill sites on the fringes of cities are disturbing archives that reveal everything there is to be known of our culture, habits, wealth and poverty. Inside these trash incubators the waste multiplies and rises high to commemorate the blind spot of humankind. The landfills are full of melancholy and windswept imitations of life, leftovers sealed inside plastic amber, discarded welfare and abandoned cheap labor. The 8mm film and exhibition titled Amnion examines the new life-forms that generate inside garbage bags, and the organic residue merging with eternal trash. The waste drifting in air currents and the twitchingly opening transparent bags are an allegory of a world, in which the plastic finds its way into the spiral of our DNA.