Body All Eyes

Sinne Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, 8.9. – 10.10.2018

Body All Eyes is a requiem to the skies, in which archaic myths of flying through time and space collide with the technological world. A firmament that once belonged only to Gods and their messengers, the birds, is now dominated by flying machines and satellite surveillance, with all-seeing eyes observing the earth.

Body All Eyes takes up this meeting between the mythic transcendental and the constructed mechanical. What earlier signified a space for supernatural communication between spiritual beings, is being replaced with satellite surveillance and mechanical evolution. In the 8mm film associations are allowed to move freely, crisscrossing like in an avant-garde puzzle. The suggestive images consist of bird masks of the Pacific Northwest indigenous people from following tribes: Kwakwakaʼwakw, Makah, Haida, Tlingit and Gitxsan, details of airplanes, zoological collections, zoos, birds in the wild, control towers, flight simulators and aerial footage. A masked acrobat, creating a performative exchange between human and animal, leads the viewer through a torrent of images into a mysterious world, that undulates in a weightless state between air and metal, heaven and earth.



Director and cinematographer: Saara Ekström, editor: Eero Tammi, sound design: Heikki Kossi, Pietu Korhonen / studio: H5 Film Sound Ltd, choreography and acrobatics: Oona Kivelä, foley artist: Heikki Kossi, camera operators (acrobatics): Teemu Lehmusruusu and Saara Ekström, lighting (acrobatics): Ville Tanttu.
Production support: Pro Artibus Foundation, The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, AVEK / Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo