No Body


“…I have never liked my body.
It was always too small, too thin or too thick.Too clumsy and too weak to resist the shadows that pressed against me, a sensation similar to as if clouds were gathering, becoming heavy and ready to burst before a storm.
During the last few weeks I have learned how to disconnect myself from my body, leaving it floating in the dark like a sponge slowly filling itself with water…”

The video-triptych titled No Body is based on a monologue, in which a woman registers the various stages of her gradual disappearance. The text describes the disturbing sensations connected with a simultaneously exposed, manipulated and dissolving body, will and identity. The text is combined with quietly rotating flower arrangements bathing in an intense red light. As the arrangements rotate they may be observed from all angles, revealing how balance changes into unbalance and grace into clumsiness. The work reflects on the defencelessness and vulnerability of a person in a process of loosing herself, unable of keeping her body and name from slipping away.

No Body is an installation consisting of three video projections.

Director and synopsis: Saara Ekström, camera: Thom Vink, editing: Saara Ekström and Hannu Kärenlampi
2007   AMA-gallery, Finland
2008   Liquid Life, The Nordic Watercolour Museum, Skärhamn, Sweden
2008   Incertitude de la Vision, Tour&Taxis, Brussels, Belgium
2008   Persistance Des Rêves, Bibliothèque Mériadec, Bordeaux, France
2009   Four Finnish Cut Outs, Borås Art Museum, Borås, Sweden
2009   Glow, Richard Levy Gallery, Albuquerque, NM, USA
2011   KIASMA – Contemporary Art Museum, Finland
2012   Taste and Form, Fiskars, Finland