No Body

Galleria AMA, Helsinki, Finland, 2007

The rotating flower arrangements in the video triptych titled No Body are bathing in an intensely red light. The constantly revolving flowers create a pulsating background to a text in which a woman registers the alarming sensations connected with her disappearing body and name. The text that overlaps the images is like a silent voice of the consciousness – slowly it submerges deeper into a void where identity looses its’ meaning.
The thematic of the work No Body is further developed in the video titled Trail. The medical tomographies (3D x-rays) of plants, inner organs and various objects illustrate a narrative told by a person struggling to seize a woman inside a labyrinthine building. The transparent and fragile tomographies are like a trail of abandoned belongings – shed off layers of a vanishing persona – that lead us further towards an unknown destination.
The series of photographs titled If Inside is Let In depict scenes where feminine attributes, such as hair, clothing and flowers create a secluded and contemplative atmosphere.