EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Finland, 2020

3-channel video installation, 2020

BIBLION was filmed on various locations that seem to have become end stations and storages for the printed matter: antiquarian bookstores, libraries and anonymous spaces filled with oceans of abandoned books. Running in three parallel images in black & white and colour, and complemented with an evocative soundtrack, BIBLION opens the dense and layered heart of the book. Fluid shapes of marbled covers, varied fibres of paper, dissolving appearances in printing ink are only some of the elements in a surreal world of enchanting visual narrative.

Born from observing the phenomena of quietly vanishing old book stores, and perhaps the medium of the book itself disappearing, the work expanded further to explore questions considering time and infinity, the weight of matter and the value of things, to resonate beyond language and to contemplate the tradition of cinema as a constantly expanding medium of sound and images – open, unknown, unexplained territories. 

Biblion is directed by Saara Ekström and Eero Tammi