ROSARIO (The woodcarvers tears)



Rosario is a lyrical media artwork, consisting of a film triptych in which techniques such as video, film, tomography and animation are combined. The artwork interprets the imagery generated by the Finnish Mary-myth and the symbolism that lies within it.

Rosario is based on images of saints made by a master craftsman working in the Turku region in Finland in the Early Middle Ages – particularly on some of his wooden Madonnas, which now stand on display in the Turku Castle. Sensuality branded by nature and a gothic, pointed birdlike smile have been seen in the eloquent and gentle expressions of these sculptures. These nearly 700-year-old medieval works guide us on a journey through time towards a collective past and some of its archaic symbols. The work lifts forth metaphors of womanhood and sexuality. With its base in the Finnish mythology the artwork seeks a form for a Mary created by nature ­– a woman who materializes in trees and bulrush, is conceived by a berry and in her solitude gives birth to a son. Strength and fragility, self-sufficiency and meekness are combined in an image of a woman listening to her inner voice, and who invites to introspection and meditation.

Director: Saara Ekström, camera: Thom Vink, editor: Hannu Kärenlampi, conservator: Mats Sjöström, tomography: Tomi Pudas
2011 Turku Castle, Turku Cultural Capital, Finland