Videonale.17 – Refracted Realities

Videonale.17 – Refracted Realities – published for the curated exhibition of video- and time-based art forms at Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany. 2019


Amnion – published by Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, Japan. 2019
A publication connected to a residency and solo exhibitions by Saara Ekström and Miki Ukai at Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo.

24 pages, ISBN: 978-4-9908274-9-6

Concealed and Captured

Concealed and Captured is a part of the book box set OF PLACE AND PRESENCE: NINE CONTEMPORAY ARTISTS FROM FINLAND published by Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark. 2015

Author and book concept: Claire Gould

31 pages, ISBN: 978-87-997927-4-0