Grotesque & Arabesque

Helsinki Festival Exhibition, Amos Anderson Art Musem, Helsinki, Finland, 2005
Galeria do Lago, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2006

The exhibition Grotesque & Arabesque combined the Arabesque – an oriental ornamentation: a repeating and infinite geometric and decorative pattern, that extends beyond the visible material world – with the Grotesque, that has come to be used as a general adjective for the mysterious, magnificent, fantastic, ugly or disgusting.
Grotesque & Arabesque created an ornamental and alluring, yet bizarre and uncanny inner garden, an archetype of a maze we carry inside of us. The way through the exhibition led the viewer from the germination of life to the brink of the unknown. With various approaches it studied death masked in life, the ugliness dwelling in beauty and the light connected to darkness. The work that was composed of mould, bacteria, plants, hair, blood, milk, x-rays of plants and anatomical details, reflected over the dependency of how these extremes intertwine, and how their existence is a result of an inevitable mutual symbiosis.